Our roots date back to 1967

The fundamental ideology behind the incorporation of Bee Pee Packaging (Private) Limited was to provide our customers with a quality product at a reasonable price. The founder and Managing Director's vision is to partner with our customers, big or small, ranging from corporate entities and conglomerates to cottage based small businesses and self-employed individuals, to build strong and lasting business relations with the objective of creating mutual success. A win-win outcome for all stakeholders as the end result of goodwill, mutual respect and great service to our customers. We at Bee Pee Packaging are committed to providing our Professional experience and expertise that has been gathered for over forty years, to cater to all our diverse customers' specific needs thereby delivering a personalized service based on each customer's requirements and expectations.

This paradigm shift of moving away from a standardized one size fits all approach is the key to delivering above average customer service levels to our customers. We are therefore well aligned with the latest Management philosophy of having standardization of our internal process to achieve customized solutions for the clientele of the digital age.

Our Modus Operandi


Our Tag-line as the name implies, is the priceless wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience gathered by our founder who had worked for many local and international companies manufacturing polythene and plastic products for over 45 years. This vast reservoir of industry experience is what we at Bee Pee Packaging (Private) Limited harness, in order to deliver the best possible packaging solution for both our corporate and individualistic customer profiles.


On time delivery of the product to the expected quality standards resulting in customer satisfaction.


Our staff work as a well-organized team with well-structured and delegated duties and responsibilities which they take very seriously to ensure that quality standards are well complied with. Each member has an area of specialization within the manufacturing processes that has been clearly defined and is proficient of their respective tasks which they claim ownership of.

Managing Director's Message

Mr. P.H.Sahabandu

Founder, MD

I see every product that we manufacture at our small organization as a piece of art. The aesthetic value in what we create is far more than what other manufacturers produce and sell. Our goal is to advise our clients about the best possible options they have and help make a decision before proceeding with the order. Perfection is what we strive for. Such is our personalized service and a personalized service that combines good quality and reliability at a reasonable price. This is what makes us different from others.